Free $0 Per Month
1GB of Storage
10GB of Bandwidth
1 Email account
1 MySQL Database
1 FTP Account
5 Domain Add ons
P2H 10 post Per Month
5GB of Storage
50GB of Bandwidth
10 Email accounts
5 MySQL Databases
5 FTP Accounts
10 Domain Add ons
Personal $2.99 Per Month
20GB of Storage
100GB of Bandwidth
20 Email accounts
10 MySQL Databases
10 FTP Accounts
20 Domain Add ons
Professional $4.99 Per Month
Unlimited of Storage
Unlimited of Bandwidth
Unlimited Email accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited Domain Add ons

Welcome to the new and improved ATB (Absolutely The Best) Host.NET. Your website online for less! We are passionate about giving you absolutely the best free and premium hosting available.

You wanted awesome free hosting, you got it! You wanted incredible premium hosting at the lowest possible price we brought it! You wanted domains and other stuff, we’re bringing it. Such as, Domain Registration, SSL Certificates, 2 Premium Hosting Plans and of course our Free and Post to Host Plans with more to come.

Coming this fall are some incredible incentives for those interested in our Premium Hosting Plans. These are the one time only deals you’ve been looking for, adding so much more value than just “free hosting”. Get a whole year for the cost of a dinner!


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